March 17, 2013

skyline | pro street

I was passionate by NFS, as every body, ones upon a time, in his life...
In the same time, my passion for modifying cars made me thinking to make a model car in the NFS Carbon style!
And I made it! Here you can see the Nissan Skyline produced by MuscleMachines at the 1/18th scale modified in the spirit of the game:

March 10, 2013

W.I.P. | Mustang Aero

I invite you to discover my W.I.P. now I'm working. The deadline for this project is the final of March. Still several weeks of hard working and I'll make a complete presentation of the car(concept).
A preview of the final concept you can see below:
and the engine is delivered just on time:
Here you can see the entire W.I.P. on photobucket story