October 24, 2014

24o ZG | Japanese Fighter | the body

Looking at the Japanese Fighters paint schemes, the only variant I like is the silver one with the red dot.
So, will be silver!
The body provided by the maker is the ordinary one, the over fenders being provided as option in the kit.

As you saw, the big rims I made, doesn’t get into the arches without looking like an A6 Allroad!
So, I have to cut off the body to make some room for the wheels. In the same time I worked a little to opening of the fuel flap.

What I get is an enormous room for the wheels (you can easily see the volume I get for the wheels):

On the wheels the car looks like this (you remember the photo I posted in “the stance” chapter):

Now the body is ready to be finished:
-Bare metal foil
-AeroMaster decals (1/48 )
-Metal stickers (thank you Hasegawa for this goodies!)
-Some decent weathering (detail photo soon)

October 20, 2014

9 ooo | clicks

In October 2014, custom | scale | car, reaches 9 ooo visualizations. I can not say if it is much or not, but the most important is the thing that blog still exists, thanks to all of you !

October 12, 2014

24o ZG | Japanese Fighter | the stance

Low and cambered!
This is the look I want to give to my Japanese fighter!
Some big modifications I have to make on the chassis and at the level of all suspension components.
First of all I have to change the points of the upper fitting point. I'll cut off the original shock absorber cup and I'll replace them with some o.5 mm styrene sheet. Also, I'll make the shock absorber fitting hole, closer to the car central axis with around 1.5 mm. Like this, the superior head of the shock absorber will be inner than initially, obtaining a natural camber for the wheels.

The rims I’ll use are somehow full custom:

The stance I get :

Next time – the body.

October 11, 2014

24o ZG | Japanese Fighter | the 1st

It’s been a while since I don’t post. But this doesn’t mean that I stop working even a second.
I’m about finishing my Nissan 24o ZG.
I have been always fascinated by the Japanese aggressive sport cars. Their design, assorted with a daily car look is the perfect combination. I love the look of used car, not excessive but in an natural way. We all know that a real life daily used car cannot be perfect. It has some scratches, some damaged paint, some dirt we cannot wash off, even some little rusted areas. But this is the “charm” of such a car we love and use as much as we can.
Reproducing cars like real ones was always a challenge for me as a modeller.
image from http://www.1999.co.jp
The style I choose this time becomes a pure Japanese way of life, Shakotan. Wikipedia tells us that “Shakotan is a style of car originating in Japan in the 1970s. A shakotan car has an extremely lowered body, and, in Japan, it is usually owned by a Yanki (a sort of gang-like people who are mostly living in the rural areas). Shakotan's biggest inspiration being Shakotan Boogie, a manga series introduced in the mid-1980s.
My preferred Japanese classic sport car is, by far, the Nissan/Datsun 24o Z/ZG The kit I choose is a 24o ZG made by Hasegawa. The main reason for choosing this kit is the existence of the over fenders in the kit, separated from the body.
Hasegawa Nissan Fairlady 24oZG box art - image from http://s1.scalemates.com
Paint scheme: what could be more appropriate than a classic Japanese WW II fighter air-plane scheme? Said and done: I bought an AeroMaster set of decals for 1|48 scale.

So, this is the project I’m going to finish soon.
Soon, some more details!
You can follow the evolution of this project in real time on the W . I . P page.