March 28, 2015

ЗиЛ 131 | rebel warrior

ZiL (Russian: ЗиЛ - (Завод имени Лихачёва)) is a major Russian automobile, truck, military vehicle, and heavy equipment manufacturer, based in the capital of the Russian Federation, Moscow.
The ZiL-131 is a general purpose 3.5 tons 6x6 army truck designed and made in Moscow.
The model was designed as a general cargo truck. It is also used as a tractor and some gun carrier (the well-known GRAD 21 system, for example).
I made an imaginary Iraqi ZU 23 AntiAircraft automatic gun equipped truck. Every similarity with real things is a coincidence. The model does not represent any real truck.
For completing this project I used two models: the first one, a die cast truck made by AvtoIstoria, a Russian truck models producer at 1|43rd scale.
Photo credit:
The second one, - ZU 23-2 Anti Aircraftgun, I used an ACE 1|48 plastic kit.
But I wrote enough! Let’s enjoy the ride!

March 22, 2015

E36 | Hamann 325i

Hello all,

Here it is a project which takes me more than 2 years of working.

It is a BMW 325i (E36) made by Maisto et 1|18th scale. The goal was to reproduce as close as possible a kit made by Hamman in the 90’s. The kit was presented in detail, in the French tuning magazine, “Option Auto” N° 85 in November 1997.

A lot of work and the project are completed. Below you can see a list of the work I’ve done


-front lip by Hamann

-side skirt by Hamann

-rear lip by Hamann

-shaved badges

-under wind-shield air intakes shaved

-dark green metallized colour

-clear direction indicators

-rear wing Hamann


-Z3M front seats (bburago 1/18)

-brown and black leathered interior


-new steering wheel

-real textile seatbelts

Engine and chassis

-direct air intake

-exhaust tip by Remus

-E92 19’ rims (MotorMax 1/18)

Please, enjoy the ride


March 15, 2015

TV 12 F | old van

Little weathered models.
They gives me the opportunity to be creative in an other way than tuning.
This time a conversion from a regular wheel base to a long wheel base. The car is called TV 12F. In the photos below you can compare the finished model with the base who served me for this work.
Rocar (also T.V. or Autobuzul) was a van, bus and trolleybus manufacturer based in Bucharest, Romania. The company was created in 1951, and the first production lines were made for rolling-stock equipment and agricultural machines. (Rocar. (2015, February 16). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 15:32, March 9, 2015, from

The bus building begins in 1956. The first bus was an “MTD” type, being built since 1955 at the “Vulcan” factory, in Bucharest. The bus was designed on a SR 1o1 truck chassis, and it had an average transportation capacity of 6o passengers.

In 1973 begins the manufacturing of light utility vans, the series TV12, equipped with ARO L 125 engines (80 Bhp) and TV 14 equipped with an Diesel D 127 and ARO L 127 engine, both of them providing  68 Bhp.
The TV light utility vans was exported in some countries as TV TUDOR. They were produced in Portugal (Tagus) and in Italy (TV Ciemme).
But I wrote enough! Enjoy the ride!

March 04, 2015

GAZ | 53 | old boy

GAZ 53 (ГАЗ 53), known also as « Gazon » is a Russian 3.5 Tone 4x2 truck. As you know, GAZ is the abbreviation of Gorkovski Avtomobilni Zavod, a automotive factory in Nizhni Novgorod. The light truck GAZ 53/52 it was firstly introduced in 1961. Main power unit was an old Russian 6 cylinder in line engine, developing 75 hp (56 kW). The truck was produced until 1989.

The model I present is @ 1|43 diecast ready-made produced by the Russian die-cast collectible maker, Nash Avtoprom (Наш Автопром). Its speciality are 1|43rd reproductions but it has several 1|18th very good models. The prices are to an « affordable » level. Due to reasonable price, there are some challenges for the advanced modellers in order to have a « true to reality » model in their display.

I chose the exactly opposite way of treatment: the weathering.

But I wrote enough! Enjoy the ride!