January 11, 2015

Mercedes 500K | Spezial-Roadster | custom

Together with the Duesenberg Model J in the United States, the Talbot-Lago Teardrop in France, the Mercedes-Benz 54oK Spezial-Roadster brings, over the time, the beauty of the automotive design in its purest shape!
The car was first time viewed at the 1934 Berlin Motor Show and, soon, it became a flagship of the Mercedes-Benz fleet. The Special Roadster was built only by special order.
During the two years of production of 500K (between 1934 till 1936), 342 units were made including 29 Spezial-Roadster.
Maisto, one of the cheapest die-cast makers, reproduces one of this special demands builds at the 1/18th scale. The model they reproduces it must be the 500 K Special Roadster Maharaja which in reality was an 540K. Here I cannot say exactly what Maisto did or wanted to do…
Unfortunately there are more 'inaccuracies' with this model.
Unhappily I cannot make a list of the differences because I was not able to find many historical  information about this car. And what I found is divergent also.  
It is sure that Maisto combined another version of their existing 540K Special Roadster without too much consideration for historical accuracy. To make the model correct, would have required a complete new body tool.
Those being said, I tried to detail my own version for this superb roadster. The improvements I made are :
corrected the under-body
detailed and corrected the engine
covered the interior in real leather
carpeting the interior
building the lateral doors windows
wood trims for interior 
bare metal foil chromed trims
And many others little details you can see (and identify if you own an Maisto MB 500K)

January 09, 2015

the 2nd year

Thank you all for the 10 000 all time page-views!
The Top 10 country puts on the first place Romania, very close the US and on the 3rd possition is France.

January 05, 2015

two years of custom | scale | car

Time goes fast.
Time flies!
Yesterday I posted my first article on the blog. After several days of tests and customization of the template, I putted on my first post.
Very difficult to choose what car to present, among almost 2oo customized models! But finally I have chosen: the Star Chief! Pontiac! Big, low and custom painted. One of my best paint jobs I ever made! I wrote several words about it, and putted “on line”!
That happens… I told you “yesterday”? 
Oh, no, this was two years ago! 
Time flies!
Time goes fast.