December 27, 2015

2CV | easy restauration

About 2CV there is no more left to be said.
It is a legend, it is a cute car, and it is known everywhere on this planet. The 2CV can born passions, can be loved, or hated, but overall, everybody heard about it. Even Bond… James Bond!
The model I get it is a Welly at 1|24th scale diecast. I saw almost all variants of 2CV from all manufacturers, but any one makes me not to quit the shop without having it. Welly did it! I didn’t quit the shop without this model. The proportions are very good, the general look is the look of a …2CV. When you look at his model in your shelf, youcan see the real one in a showroom. It’s really well done!
So, what mods I have done? Well, let’s try to enumerate them:
Engine detailing
Ride height – as you see now car has rake and it is low
Blanket on the front and rear seats
Roof rack from real wood
Additional fog lamp for the front
The environment for taking photos is my old diorama.


December 19, 2015

ARO 243 | how it was made

Hello all,
Long time no see… well, no writing in fact, but….
I found in my photo stuck a set of photos made when I scratch built the 243 ARO.
The base I used was an DeAgostini 1|43rd scale model of ARO 240.
But what ARO brand is?
Well, it is a Romanian brand of all-terrain vehicles. Its history begin back in 1957. The first vehicle produced was IMS 57, a car made under license and having as base the GAZ 69. In 1972, the IMS was replaced by the modern ARO24 range. A modern car having 4x4 transmission. The front axle has independent suspension with helicoidally spring. The rear one is rigid and has lamellar resorts. Due to this configuration the performances in off road were very good for its time.
After more than 380 000 units produced, 2003 the story of this Romanian brand stops when the Romanian State decided to sell 68.7% of ARO to a company owned by a Cuban born American business man. 
But let's talk about this conversion.
The base model body shell:
First schetch putting all in scale:
First mock-up with the plastic parts in final position:
Along with the base model we can see how the aditional part of the body is made:
The colour I choose for the final model is white. Very popular colour among the owners of this kind of cars in the era.