December 27, 2015

2CV | easy restauration

About 2CV there is no more left to be said.
It is a legend, it is a cute car, and it is known everywhere on this planet. The 2CV can born passions, can be loved, or hated, but overall, everybody heard about it. Even Bond… James Bond!
The model I get it is a Welly at 1|24th scale diecast. I saw almost all variants of 2CV from all manufacturers, but any one makes me not to quit the shop without having it. Welly did it! I didn’t quit the shop without this model. The proportions are very good, the general look is the look of a …2CV. When you look at his model in your shelf, youcan see the real one in a showroom. It’s really well done!
So, what mods I have done? Well, let’s try to enumerate them:
Engine detailing
Ride height – as you see now car has rake and it is low
Blanket on the front and rear seats
Roof rack from real wood
Additional fog lamp for the front
The environment for taking photos is my old diorama.


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