It is awhile since I run an FaceBook page dedicated to my blog. For the beginning it was curiosity, and, to be honest, I was disappointed by the lack of editing and customizing possibilities reporting to the blogger platform.
So, I abandoned my page, somewhere on the virtual space on net.
At the beginning of this yaer I decided to make people know about my blog. It's obvious that one of the most accessed platform is FaceBook. Well, I returned to my FaceBook page. And I begun to feed it, in order to grow - the audience of the blog. It did its job. Not impressive increase, but, enough to make me use it... daily.
And I discovered something ! My FaceBook page can be very dynamic page. What I mean saying this? Well, it allows me to post some W.I.P. almost in real time. Just take a photo and upload it, direct from my mobile phone! Wonderful. I'll use it for this.
 Meanwhile, as you can see, the blog will show you finished works, professional photos and well documented texts.
So, I invite you to visit the FaceBook page associated to this blog, and if you want "to be up to date" with my work, please feel free to like it!
See you on FaceBook!
@ M . C . H  

Image attribution : Enoc vt (File:Botón Me gusta.svg) 
[Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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