January 29, 2013

LADA | LowEast

1/43rd die-cast Lada cars
As I told you previously, when I presented the Trabi, I’m working at a project named “LowEast”. The project consists in a series of eastern European cars, modified at the level of the paint job and suspension/rims. The idea is to put’em down in order to get a close to low rider look. As standard modifications I can mention the lowered suspension, steel rims painted, some rust, some detailing of interior (which is very poor "out of box"), and so on...
This time I want to show the Lada cars I drooped down for this project. It's about several types of Lada cars some of them being very popular in Romania.
Lada 1500, was one of the most poular Lada cars in Romania. It is in fact a FIAT 124 based car produced in Russia at VAZ factory:
Her younger sister, Lada Samara :
A face-lift of 1500 (we have to mentioned that was a lot of face lifts having as start point the same body of FIAT 124) called 2107:
Lada also  made some kombi bodies:
 And all together:
and finaly, a Lada also, but this time lifted: Lada Niva

January 21, 2013

458 ITALIA | from "Foundation" to "Elite"

The 458 ITALIA was officially unveiled at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show on 15 September 2009. 
Hot Wheels 1/18th base model
Its innovative aerodynamics and the shape made it instantly a “desired” one. The tuners get it and pimped it up but not in an exaggerate manner, but just the necessary for having in our rear view mirror a real beast.
The scale models producers doesn’t wait long and they make it at all known scales. In big scale HotWheels produces the most affordable model at 1/18th scale. Ther are some finishing variants on three detailing levels: Foundation, Elite and Super-Elite. I had the chance to “grab” one Foundation for less then 17€, 2nd hand, surely.
I decided to turn it in an Elite. 
So, the modifications I made, principally are:
·         black roof paint & California blue body
·         flocking in interior
·         seat belt in light blue fabric
·         details of the dashboard and steering wheel (aluminum & black leather finish)
·         wiring and piping in engine compartment
·         detailed brakes (ceramic painted brke discs, calipers and hub)
·         smoked tail lights
·         flocking front luggage compartment
·         detailed front lights
·         lowered suspension
·         badgeless
·         black engine bay hood
There are a lot of others little details I will not enumerate but which has their touch at the general look of the car.

January 19, 2013

VW scirocco | winter stanced

The stance it means low, wide stretched tires tucked way inside the vehicles fenders, scratched front bumper and sometimes, cracked oil pan. But over all the lok of those cars is really spectacular and it means passion.
Winter camo is a camo pattern in winter colors, used rarely on the army vehicles. There are a lot of patterns used from “digital camo” to the classical patterns such as I used for my Rocco. The model below is an die cast at 1/24th scale made by Welly. The rims are BBS mash style. The interior is stock with some detailing. The finish is mat, realized by putting on it some mat lacquer layers.

photo tip : natural light, custom WB, home made environment

January 13, 2013

(My) Story of AS3models

AS3 logo on FaceBook page
It becomes on the 07th of July 2006, the day when I joined this forum. At this time it was called HotMaquette.
I took the decision after so many hours spent looking at the works of the members of HotMaquette.
I was stunned by the quality of their models and the modifications made.

I joined it, happy that I passed “Vos preuves” one mandatory milestone for becoming a full rights member. This is still in place today and this is a very good filter for the quality of the works seen on the forum. In the year of 2oo8 the name of the forum was changed. The name, the look and the logo. But the quality standards remain the same as for HotMaquette.  
AS3models it means now, all what is scale modelling. All Subjects, All Styles, All Scales! Three times AS.
Frankly, my skills as they are today were cultivated and trained on AS3!
You can discover the site, the forum, the gallery the FB page and a lot of others goodies. Otherwise, a link is in the recommendations tab “Visit also” Don’t hesitate to take a look at the whole forum. You’ll see some things to remember!
Enjoy the ride(s)!

Here you can find the topic of my collection as it is presented on forum: 
The car presented below this story was made for a contest organized by AS3. The theme was “The colours of AS3” and the goal was to realize a model decorated with graphic templates of AS forum.