January 05, 2013

Pontiac Star Chief

Let's begin with one of my favorite customs I ever made: Pontiac Star Chief 1/18th from Sun Star Platinum. It represents the 1955–1957 production models. In the ‘50 pubs it was known also as Star Chief Custom Catalina
This Star Chief originally was a red & black combination for the exterior paint job. A lot of photo etched logos which doesn't stay stick on the body (a well-known problem for the Sun Stars) made me to clean it and to repaint it.
So, the exterior was repainted in full glossy black and the roof, originally red, was repainted in a low rider stile of candy paint. For this I used a multiple layers of different colours and as a final finish I putted a coat of candy green glossy lacquer.
The photos were taken at natural light in an handmade environment.
The stance was also reviewed in order to give the car the look of a low rider:

The paint job I made :
And the glossy candy top from diffrent angles:
Finally I made a photo in the photo cubePhoto Tip : two fluorescent lights from the left and the right of the photo cube and a Nissin Di466 from the top

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