January 09, 2013


In 1926 the Ford Motor Company begins to work on a replacement of the old Fort T after 18 years of production. Also it was planned a replacement of the TT (truck version of Ford T) with a AA version of the modern Ford A. The production of this body is placed between 1928 and 1931. First of A Fords was produce on October 20th 1927 but the sells begins on December the same year.The AA was produced in parallel with the A and followd the same changes and improvements.
Ford licensed the manufacture of Ford A and AA in the Soviet Union. The name of the car was GAZ A or GAZ AA (GAZ is the abbreviation of Gorkovsky Avtomobilny Zavod). The GAZ AA was built in USSR from 1932 to 1950. It had a cargo capacity of 1500 kg. The AAA has two rear axles instead of one on AA.
The model is the military variant produced by UM at the scale 1/48th (I do not recommend to try smaller than this) and a set of photo-etched parts is included in the kit. The quality is not at the top but the amount of parts is amazing, helping to build a well detailed model (…finally)
I chose to transform it in a custom flat bed.

The removable bonnet is one of the "updates" I made to the UM kit

The frame is very well detailed and the rear train also :

For having an idea of the dimension of this tiny flat bad truck I took a photo along of a fountain pen:
Photo tip : natural light and custom WB

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