February 24, 2019

duesenberg | model J

Duesenberg Model J is a luxury automobile produced until 1937. It was introduced in December 1st 1928 at the New York Car Show, a year before the Great Depression. In Europe it was launched a year later at the "Salon d' automobile de Paris".
The engine of the Model J is based on the  steright 8 race engine, a successful race engine in the '20th.
The model I present has as base the Road Signature 1/18th model. It has full openig doors and hood and two variants of soft top. I display the model full closed.
Unhappily the level of the details of the engine is very poor, so I avoid as much as possible to open the hood. The underbody is also so poor.
L detailed the interior - luxury (carpeted floor, wood texture and so on). But the interior will have his own capter on my blog.
Paint scheme is dual cowl seep panel in black and grey. Let's see what happened.

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February 03, 2019

250 GTO | #46

Some said that the proportions of the Kyosho 250 GTO are better than 2 time expensive CMC.
I can not make a comparison but as I saw in several reviews, they are right. But shurely the Kyosho underbody is far away regarding details. Some said that CMC wash the floor with Kyosho!
In a previous post I described the under-body modifications which I made to my Ferrari 250 GTO Kyosho 1@18th. You can see it by clicking on getting in detail.
Now, I want to show you how really looks the car.
Some photos with the model after several improvements of the ride height, stance and some polish of the paint.
The photos are taken in a Photo-cube with an Apple iPhone 7+

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since 2013

January 02, 2019

6 years of blogging @ C|S|C

Hello all an a happy new year!
custom | scale | car celebrates at the beginning of 2019, 6 years of presence.During all this time my collection increased considerably and I didn't stop customizing models.
Users from 72 countries takes a look at the blog, TOP 10 being dominated this time by France withe am amount of 32% from total amount of visitors
Several changes were made in order to be more present on social media.
The FaceBook page was deactivated being replaced by an Instagram account.
Feel free to also, to register for the news letter on the blog page.