November 19, 2023

Skoda 100/110R | the sedan and its fast back 2 doors sporty version

This is a post I discovered this days when I made a retrospective on my Blog.
Surfing through different posts I realysed that in 2023 this blog celebrates its 10th anniversary... time flies… some say!
 The good think is that I decided to restart this blog by posting as I done several years ago.
So, long story short, I invite you guys to surf on this blog. There are several interesting stories,and stay tuned for new stories about automobiles and collections displays
Here it is an unfinished article started a year ago about so;le Skoda models, article which will bring back to mife the Custopn Scale Car story teller.  
Skoda is not at all my cup of tea! I bought this tiny car in 24th scale because they are pretty cute. 
Unlike the others manufacturers from Eastern Europe in countries under the Russian comunits influence, Skoda chooses to be independent. When Russian industry and the Polish one chooses the western Europe support by collaborating with Fiat, Romania with Renault and so on, the Czech manufacturer maintain its independence and express himself. Skoda, renovating the 1000MB modell by introducing the all new 100/110 played “all on the rear” game. This architecture wasn’t unusual in the 70`s. Big manufacturers from Porsche to Fiat, passing by Renault are proposing this architecture. More than this the solution proved its efficiency through rally winning cars as Porsche and the tini Renault Alpine A110 - a Monte Carlo Rally winner.
Skoda launches two type of bodies on the same platform : the 100/110 sedan and one year later in 1970 the 110R Coupe. The coupe, in spite of normal performances (65 Hp and 19 seconds from 0 to 100 Km/h), has some features which are still loved today. The frameless doors, fast back profile,  supplementary dashboard indicators and sporty seats. I have to remark the Fuchs rims Czech interpretation. Anyway some called this car the Eastern Porsche but in fact there is nothing in common between this cars.
Even there are a certain sportivity in the design and in the conception of the 110R Coupe something is strange : the front hood a the front section is the same with the sedan one. This get the car out of the proportion of a classical Coupe making the side view a little strange but cute. I can tell that it brings in my mind the anime cars. 

Released by Hachette in their diecast 24th scale collection in my home country it has a pretty good interior details and a very well body shape. As you expect it will be modified, so I put it some Aoshima rims and as usual I lowered it as much as possible. Some modification was needed at the level of the chassis in order to maintain the functionality of the wheels. Some details were added in interior to replicate a two-tone upholstery and also the roof trim was added for the realism.
Enjoy the ride
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