February 17, 2021

Dacia Duster | Rally raid

 Good news from custom | scale | car : new project finished.
After a long wait in order to have all needed parts, the time to put all together has come. In te last week I finished a beloved concept car based on Dacia Duster diecast model made by Solido @1|18th scale.
Dakar rally inspired concept this Duster is my image about what it means a Duster as all purposes vehicle, no matter if we are talking about speed on off road, trial or crawling on the rocky roads of Carpathian Mountains.
Behind the scenes :
- Roll cage from Citroen C2 WRC
- Wheels from BMW X5 - Raid 
- Interior accessories as seats, extinguishers and so on from different damaged models.
Facts : all the parts used are from Solido Models (I didn't intend to... but finlly I have a fuul Solido custom model)
Please check also custom_scale_car IGTv channel for a short presentation video


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