February 03, 2021

ARO | M461 @ romanian industry flagships

 hello mod'ling fellow',
New post presenting a very nice car for me and a gooooood model. Yes, it is an 1/24th scale diecast model sold as a collectible by Hachette in Romania. Well... not really only in Romania, apparently in all the former East Block countries.
Good thing is that there are a lot of Romanian automotive industry automobiles reproduces in more that decent way, ready to be displayed on the shelf. I will present all of them in chronological order of date of manufacturing
It is true that some interior improvements are needed as well as an exterior detailing, but over all for a usual consumer the quality is pretty good.
One of my favorites models is tthe ARO M461. It is a non sense vehicle which brings with him the design of the '30 in the middle of hippy age , the '60.
An old platform, old technical solutions (front rigid axle & lamelar resorts) old finishes for the interior. Driving this car I imagine it was like travel back in the past even we ara talking about the '60's. But in spite of all this tings I love the look and I like to have this model on my shelf, proudly diaplayed alog with more modern cars of 60's.
We must not forget that till 1969 tis ARO was the only personal vehicle produces in Romania, and wasn't accessible for the civilian customers if I call like this ordinary people.
I'll let you discover (google it) the original variant proposed by Hachette. Below the improved version by custom | scale | car

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