November 11, 2013

the cars I drove | the 2nd

The second car I had the chance to drive was a Daewoo Cielo. The year of production of this car is 1997. So it has now 16 years of daily use. Now it is my father’s daily driven and the technical condition is more than good. 
The car (sold in Western Europe Countries as NEXIA, also) was produced in the Daewoo Factory in Craiova (RODAE) since 1996 until 2007. The equipment of the GLE trim level includes 4 electrical windows, AC system, and a 1.5 litres gasoline engine @ 80 PS (59 kW) at 5,400 rpm. The car was an affordable good car, comparing with the DACIA cars available at the moment on the Romanian Automotive market (we are speaking now about the new cars market). 
Basically the car is an Opel Kadett E, which has successive face-lifts until the 1996 look. Several LeMans/Racer Daewoo - Kadett E copy/paste - were sold in Romania as a “preproduction series” as a market test.
I reproduces the car I drove, from an 1/43 Daewoo Cielo issued in the DeAgostini collection “Masini de Legenda” (Legendary Cars). The modifications are at the interior (trim color, seats finish, and so on) as well as at the exterior (the metalic blue color, the chromed trims on the bumpers and on the side, the tail lamps, etc.). The color is from the Daewoo repairing units color panel, putted in a spray can (by the service unit). The number plates are those which the car is registered today.

November 04, 2013

f10 | VIP

The sixth generation of the BMW 5 series, the F10, debuted 23 November 2009 as a 2010 model. The Station Wagon/Touring version carries the chassis code F11. This chassis is shared with the 7 Series F01 and the 6 Series F12. (BMW 5 Series (F10). (2013, October 23). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopaedia. Retrieved 06:44, October 26, 2013, from

The model below is a 1/24 die cast by Welly @ 1|24. The quality of the model is good, surprisingly good, in this price segment of die-cast replicas. And this is a good thing for the collectors, and turns the Welly models in affordable tuning bases.

The Welly replica of F10 reproduces the 535i model (3o6 PS @ 5800 and 4oo Nm @ 12oo-5ooo), the only identifying detail being the under hood plastic molded part. Having several separate parts, the 3D effect is more natural, comparing with the Maisto/Bburago engine compartments.

I decided to turn it in a VIP car, this type of conversion being not often meet in the daily life. So, all it needs is on the car: front lip, duck tail luggage hood, big rims and hydraulic suspension. Not very good for an scale model, I decided to make the interior full black leather because with the "estoril blau" exterior colour, is sick combination!