November 04, 2013

f10 | VIP

The sixth generation of the BMW 5 series, the F10, debuted 23 November 2009 as a 2010 model. The Station Wagon/Touring version carries the chassis code F11. This chassis is shared with the 7 Series F01 and the 6 Series F12. (BMW 5 Series (F10). (2013, October 23). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopaedia. Retrieved 06:44, October 26, 2013, from

The model below is a 1/24 die cast by Welly @ 1|24. The quality of the model is good, surprisingly good, in this price segment of die-cast replicas. And this is a good thing for the collectors, and turns the Welly models in affordable tuning bases.

The Welly replica of F10 reproduces the 535i model (3o6 PS @ 5800 and 4oo Nm @ 12oo-5ooo), the only identifying detail being the under hood plastic molded part. Having several separate parts, the 3D effect is more natural, comparing with the Maisto/Bburago engine compartments.

I decided to turn it in a VIP car, this type of conversion being not often meet in the daily life. So, all it needs is on the car: front lip, duck tail luggage hood, big rims and hydraulic suspension. Not very good for an scale model, I decided to make the interior full black leather because with the "estoril blau" exterior colour, is sick combination!

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