December 27, 2013

LowEast | episode III

I'm in front of my PC and I'm getting a ride in my PhotoBucket account. And I'm very pleased to (re)discover some Dropped | Down 1@43rd model cars.
My favourite, a Dacia 13oo who gets a black vinyl covered roof and some double headlamps (131o model)
Next one, the Polski Fiat 126p, an FIAT 126 (the replacement of FIAT 5oo), produced in Poland in Bielsko-Biala until 2ooo.
Also another popular car (but not cheap at all) the Wartburg 311:
And a family photo : LowEast by custom | scale | car:
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December 25, 2013

WIP | actros | stretched S01E02

The engine : the Italeri kit provides a fully detailed engine sprue. The sprue is B sprue as it is marked on the instruction sheet. I fully recommend this site for seeing the composition of the kit as well as the instruction sheets:
But, there are some missing things that I have to put in place:
First of all the fuel piping system and the fuel injection pump:
There two rules taken in account : the equal length
of pipes and the ignition order (sadly this are the only two informations I found on the net regarding the fuel system).
After this the engine gets the air intake system with the 2 turbo and get, also, some paint:
Finally it looks like this (and I'm very happy with it):
Next stage : the chassis equipped

December 19, 2013

WIP | actros | stretched S01E01

ITALERI box art (
This project is the first project based on truck model I ever made. It will be a long chassis equipped with an EFFER crane (all plastic kits by Italeri @ 1|24th scale) and a bed for transporting (damaged) cars.
The initial kit reproduces a Merceds-Benz Actros 1854 short chassis as you can see in the photo to the rigt side of the page. The main modification is to transform the short chassis in a long one, the dimmensions beeing issued from a MB Trucks specification. The wheel base must be increased with 87 mm and the rear overhang with 54 mm. The white parts are the previously mentioned stretching parts. I used for doing this some 1mm thick ABS for the vertical part and some 0.5mm thick for the orizontal ones, in order tu reproduce the "U" profile of the frame.
the stretching of the chassis 87mm + 54 mm
The frame beeing longer than the frame provided in the kit, some other scratch parts was neded to be done (white scratch | black the kit ones)
The first chassis assembly gives an idea about the final length : it will be huge around of 45 cm long!
Some wiring and some other parts were also scratched. But, in spite of the fact that never a modeller can't reach a satisfying level of details, he has to stop detailing somewhere resonably looking. For me, this time, "reasonably looking" it means something like this:

Next episode (S01E02): completed engine

December 12, 2013

dacia 141o | low

This time some small modification on the basis of a 141o DACIA SPORT (DeAgostini Romania 1 | 43rd) 
Dacia Sport production starts in 1983, after the developing of Dacia Sport-Brasovia study, in 1979. There were produced two models: Dacia Sport 1310 equipped with the 1289 cm ³ engine (54 bhp) and Dacia Sport 1410 equipped with the 1397 cm ³ engine developing 65 bhp. Between 1981-1985 it was produces with "the short doors" (the same front door as for the 4 doors sedan, R12/DACIA 13oo), and from 1986 until 1992, the doors were modified by increasing their length.
Small inventory of the modifications I made for my car:
  • Metallic gray paint
  • Ronal R10 TURBO rims
  • Lowered suspension
  • CN-dash board (the latest versions of the dash board, after 1995)
  • Side body protection for the rear wheels arches (as DACIA 141o series)
  • Exhaust tip.