December 19, 2013

WIP | actros | stretched S01E01

ITALERI box art (
This project is the first project based on truck model I ever made. It will be a long chassis equipped with an EFFER crane (all plastic kits by Italeri @ 1|24th scale) and a bed for transporting (damaged) cars.
The initial kit reproduces a Merceds-Benz Actros 1854 short chassis as you can see in the photo to the rigt side of the page. The main modification is to transform the short chassis in a long one, the dimmensions beeing issued from a MB Trucks specification. The wheel base must be increased with 87 mm and the rear overhang with 54 mm. The white parts are the previously mentioned stretching parts. I used for doing this some 1mm thick ABS for the vertical part and some 0.5mm thick for the orizontal ones, in order tu reproduce the "U" profile of the frame.
the stretching of the chassis 87mm + 54 mm
The frame beeing longer than the frame provided in the kit, some other scratch parts was neded to be done (white scratch | black the kit ones)
The first chassis assembly gives an idea about the final length : it will be huge around of 45 cm long!
Some wiring and some other parts were also scratched. But, in spite of the fact that never a modeller can't reach a satisfying level of details, he has to stop detailing somewhere resonably looking. For me, this time, "reasonably looking" it means something like this:

Next episode (S01E02): completed engine

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