December 12, 2013

dacia 141o | low

This time some small modification on the basis of a 141o DACIA SPORT (DeAgostini Romania 1 | 43rd) 
Dacia Sport production starts in 1983, after the developing of Dacia Sport-Brasovia study, in 1979. There were produced two models: Dacia Sport 1310 equipped with the 1289 cm ³ engine (54 bhp) and Dacia Sport 1410 equipped with the 1397 cm ³ engine developing 65 bhp. Between 1981-1985 it was produces with "the short doors" (the same front door as for the 4 doors sedan, R12/DACIA 13oo), and from 1986 until 1992, the doors were modified by increasing their length.
Small inventory of the modifications I made for my car:
  • Metallic gray paint
  • Ronal R10 TURBO rims
  • Lowered suspension
  • CN-dash board (the latest versions of the dash board, after 1995)
  • Side body protection for the rear wheels arches (as DACIA 141o series)
  • Exhaust tip.

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