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Driven by the passion for cars and having abilities of modeller I choose to spend my free time customizing car scale models.
My collection counts today more than 250 units. The reproduction scales are from the tiny 1/48th to the 1/18th. The covered range is from classic to modern and from Euro makers to Japanese ones, passing, surely, through USA. The styles are the most representative for each one of these: low, stance, jdm, import, VIP and so on. I cannot say I love most one of this, but I may say that I love to modify "toys". So you may say, without I be upset, that my collection is not focalized of one theme. And it is so: it is not a thematic collection but a custom diecast and plastic models collection. All the transformations and paint jobs are “home made”. I invite you to discover, through this pages, my work as well as my passion for cars. I let you take a tour on my blog!


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