October 12, 2013

ferrari 328 | gts

Not very usual in my collection, the out of box builds, are present, anyway. This time I built a Ferrari 328 GTS from Hasegawa, an iconic model of ‘80’s and in the same times an affordable one. It replaces the 308 and it was produced in 7,400 units until 1989 when 348 GTS was born. The rear V8 transversal engine produces 270 hp and 313 N·m of torque.
The Hasegwa KIT is a good one, almost without moulding traces and the fitting of the parts are almost perfect. The difficulty is if you try to lower it, as I did. In this case you must be as inventive as you can because the geometry of the suspension is very complex (I never saw such a suspension on a model car till now!).
But overall I’m in love with my tiny Ferrari and I fully recommend this KIT to the experimented modellers.

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