November 26, 2023

Ceci ce n’est pas | une voiture designee

Ceci ce n’nest pas une voiture dessinée !


C’est tout a fait vrai; ce n;est pas de tout une Voiture designee! Îl s;agit d’une voiture designee!

When I made this photos I get in mind this expression I started the article.

What I pictured through those photos is first try on this style of painting a scale model. To be honest this model was on the list of parts donor before the paint try. I was inspired by the real car paint style anime like we see more often lately. Having in mind the “Initial D” anime series, a cult anime for those petrolhead tuning passioned. I will put the Initial D along with The Fast and The Furious as cult films for every car tuning addicted. So, seeing the trend in painting real cars like anime ones I told myself “why not?” I grab my markers and a white paint larger and I started to draw a car on a model car. Literally I mean! All you see is hand painted having as base the original color given by Solido for its RWB Pandora one.

There are no more things to say, just enjoy the ride and keep on customizing !


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