January 01, 2024

10th aniversary

Late this year (I mean in 2023) I realized that everything started back in 2013, ten years ago!
The blog I started then was a second stage in my digital modelling adventure. Later was completed with an Instagram account and in 2022 with the facebook bussines page. 
But … the second stage doesn’t exist without the first one : the AS3Models forum. The forum adventure started back in 2006 and it was a definitory stage of me as a modeller. Due to the fact that I have met interesting people, ready to help anytime and more than this, ready to share their expaerience, I learn a lot in this period.
In fact to be honest, I belive that the Forum helped me to be what I am today in terem of modelling skills.
Usually at the final of the year I publish some stat. This time I will show the post successfully models on Instagram
The Top Nine of the year. Among the most appreciated models we can find an RC car, an Traxxas TRX4M Defabder. Yes, a new side of customizing scale models appears in my personal collection

Top 9 on Instagram

The models are below. There are no posts on blogger yet but as usual you will re;ark the fact that they are uniaues pieces of custom diecast models

And a very personal realization, even it is made in November 2022, the glory measured on clicks came in 2023 is a Dacia 1310, burgundy with brown leather interior. The best you can buy back in 90’s in Romania

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