January 11, 2013

Toyota Crown Victoria | VIP

VIP Style refers to the modification of Japanese luxury automobiles to make them lower in stance and wider looking with wide aggressive wheels, suspension, and body kits. VIP Style is typically large, expensive, rear-wheel drive sedans, though automotive enthusiasts use other cars like minivans and Kei cars. Once associated with the yakuza, VIP Style modifications now are a subset of automotive modification.(text from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VIP_style). I love the stance of these cars.
Aoshima makes a series of 1/24th scale VIP cars. Modern as well as ‘80s. One of those cars I decided to build. The car is almost OOB (Out Of the Box) except the front bumper grille and the exhaust tips tips (shorter than the originals). The box art, as you can see, indicates a black stance car. I decide to use a “en vogue” colour, metallized burgundy. The rims are “star grey”, colour from an automotive pain pallet, with chromed lips. The interior is Leather Light Brown with wood accessories (a real VIP car needs an expensive interior, also).

the under-body and the axles:

the luxurious interior and wood inserts dash board :
 bonus photo

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