January 29, 2013

LADA | LowEast

1/43rd die-cast Lada cars
As I told you previously, when I presented the Trabi, I’m working at a project named “LowEast”. The project consists in a series of eastern European cars, modified at the level of the paint job and suspension/rims. The idea is to put’em down in order to get a close to low rider look. As standard modifications I can mention the lowered suspension, steel rims painted, some rust, some detailing of interior (which is very poor "out of box"), and so on...
This time I want to show the Lada cars I drooped down for this project. It's about several types of Lada cars some of them being very popular in Romania.
Lada 1500, was one of the most poular Lada cars in Romania. It is in fact a FIAT 124 based car produced in Russia at VAZ factory:
Her younger sister, Lada Samara :
A face-lift of 1500 (we have to mentioned that was a lot of face lifts having as start point the same body of FIAT 124) called 2107:
Lada also  made some kombi bodies:
 And all together:
and finaly, a Lada also, but this time lifted: Lada Niva

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