January 13, 2013

(My) Story of AS3models

AS3 logo on FaceBook page
It becomes on the 07th of July 2006, the day when I joined this forum. At this time it was called HotMaquette.
I took the decision after so many hours spent looking at the works of the members of HotMaquette.
I was stunned by the quality of their models and the modifications made.

I joined it, happy that I passed “Vos preuves” one mandatory milestone for becoming a full rights member. This is still in place today and this is a very good filter for the quality of the works seen on the forum. In the year of 2oo8 the name of the forum was changed. The name, the look and the logo. But the quality standards remain the same as for HotMaquette.  
AS3models it means now, all what is scale modelling. All Subjects, All Styles, All Scales! Three times AS.
Frankly, my skills as they are today were cultivated and trained on AS3!
You can discover the site, the forum, the gallery the FB page and a lot of others goodies. Otherwise, a link is in the recommendations tab “Visit also” Don’t hesitate to take a look at the whole forum. You’ll see some things to remember!
Enjoy the ride(s)!

Here you can find the topic of my collection as it is presented on forum: 
The car presented below this story was made for a contest organized by AS3. The theme was “The colours of AS3” and the goal was to realize a model decorated with graphic templates of AS forum.