January 07, 2013

Trabi | LowEast

You all knows the Trabant. The well-known Trabi who for the Eastern Europe was the affordable car you can buy. A small car which provides you a small interior space and the fun to hear a two strokes engine (hilarious engine sound).
The press company DeAgostini, launched in the series of “Masini de Legenda” (it means “Legendary Cars”) the both of Trabi sedan sold in Romania (as well as in the whole Eastern Europe). I’m talking about P5o and 6o1
I’ll begin a series of custom eastern cars called by me LowEast. We can find through those dropped down, car brands as Dacia, Lada, Trabant and so on , all in 1/43rd scale.
Here are The LowEast Trabi:
The legendary P5o 

and the 6o1

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