April 24, 2013

MadStang | post apocalyptic

I am fascinated by this modelling trend: post apocalyptic. I always wanted to make one of these kinds of cars. But I never found the necessary time, being involved in a lot of other projects. But the opportunity of making this project, I had in my mind, came this winter, and I did it!

So, the basis is a resin body, to difficult to put in the state as an ordinary street car. So I decided to turn it in an imaginary car. The engine missing, I replace it with a rotary engine used on the air-planes in WW I. The engine scale is 1/32nd but I find it fits the entire vehicle.

The project takes me 4 month of working but I do not regret a minute! This project contains also a presentation base (a desert street) and also a figure made from a WW II air-plane pilot (Trumpeter 1/24th Mustang P51) I’m very happy and proud with the result.


  1. Hi Mihai, magnifique!!
    Fernando Brazil

    1. merci Fernando!
      je suis content que ça te plaît.