September 20, 2013

Military Scale Models | National Exhibition

2013 – The 5th edition of the “Military scale models National exhibition” ( takes place at the National Military Museum in Bucharest, Romania (National Military Museum Romania). In spite of the Military dedicated scale models, there are allowed to be exposed all types of scale models, no matter the reproduction scale and the type (navy, terrestrial or aero). The goal is to popularize this hobby among the interested people, to know each other and to show to the others that “it is serious mater”. My contribution at this event consists in 3 scale models, previously presented on this blog, but never seen in real by the Romanian modeling community: 
Here you can find some photos from Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th of September, the days when the most of exhibitors brings their models to be exposed. Also you will recognize my models.

DSC_6286 copyDSC_6174 copy
DSC_6201 copy
DSC_6194 copy
my favourite diorama | author Anakinu
DSC_6202 copy
my space | the bikes are made by tibi22
DSC_6203 copy
DSC_6204 copy
DSC_6205 copy
The exhibition is open from 15th of September until the 26th of October 2013.You have the chance to see some very good works of Romanian Mmodellers, so do not hesitate to take a look in an autumn Sunday, and bring your child to see that there is a way to remain, somehow, a child for ever!

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