February 16, 2014

E 32nd | reborn

The  BMW 75o iL - E32 - produced from 1986 till 1994 is still one of my favourites limos branded BMW.
"In July 1986, BMW introduced the second-generation 7-series, the E32. Some luxury options included integrated telephone and fax machines, a wine cooler, double glazing, traction control system, and a system that automatically increased spring pressure on the windscreen wipers, to keep them firmly pressed on the glass at motorway speeds.

Initially, the engine choices were all six-cylinder petrol, as per the previous generation. In 1987 a V12 engine was introduced. In 1992, V8 engines were added to the lineup (730i and 740i). The E32 (750i) was the first car adhering to BMW's self-imposed speed limit of 250 km/h.
The E32 also introduced the extended wheelbase version (indicated by an 'L' from German Lang, after the model number) with extra rear leg room compared to the standard 7-series." (Wikipedia contributors. "BMW 7 Series." Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, 8 Feb. 2014. Web. 16 Feb. 2014.)
The model presented here is bought from a friend of mine. It is produced by Schabak, a German die-cast cars producer based in Nuremberg. For the beginning, in 1966 the brand was a toy distributors. Soon it became to produce die-cast cars at 1|43rd scale,exclusively German cars (Audi Volkswagen, BMW and so on). Later, in the mid of 8o's, he passed to a larger scale, producing cars at 1|24th, being one of the earliest producers who made die-cast cars at a larger scale than 1|43rd. Schabak's life finishes when he was purchased by Schuco (January 2006). Among the models reproduces at 1|24rd scale is this BMW 75o iL. Originally in an Bordeaux livery with the serial rims, some "time passing damages" been present also. I decided to make it bright black with BBS rims. The interior was painted in light leather brown but with no upgrades (for remembering the way of doing scale models of those times). Contrary, at the exterior, some metal bare foil simulates the chrome trims, a label of luxury cars in the 9o's.
Please enjoy the ride:

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