September 06, 2014

cessna | 172

Hello friends,
It’s a while since I don’t post on my blog.
And the reason is the summer holiday.
But in spite of the holiday trips I made, I get some time to stay to my workbench.
OK, so let’s come back to our models.
Most of us started with building planes in childhood. In fact if we search on net about scale modelling we’ll find mainly military and aviation. Those two fields are the most popular, in my opinion regarding building scale models. 
If it is like this I questioned myself “why not?”. And I built a Cessna 172 at 1/48th scale. The maker of the kit is PM and the execution is very good (in my opinion as car builder)
This plane is my childhood image about the planes. I loved to build it and I putted a lot of passion on making it.
The decoration and the side number are 100% imaginary and any resemblance to actual airplane is accidentally happen.
Enough talking, just look at the pictures below:

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