October 24, 2014

24o ZG | Japanese Fighter | the body

Looking at the Japanese Fighters paint schemes, the only variant I like is the silver one with the red dot.
So, will be silver!
The body provided by the maker is the ordinary one, the over fenders being provided as option in the kit.

As you saw, the big rims I made, doesn’t get into the arches without looking like an A6 Allroad!
So, I have to cut off the body to make some room for the wheels. In the same time I worked a little to opening of the fuel flap.

What I get is an enormous room for the wheels (you can easily see the volume I get for the wheels):

On the wheels the car looks like this (you remember the photo I posted in “the stance” chapter):

Now the body is ready to be finished:
-Bare metal foil
-AeroMaster decals (1/48 )
-Metal stickers (thank you Hasegawa for this goodies!)
-Some decent weathering (detail photo soon)

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