December 01, 2014

24o ZG | Japanese Fighter

The model is finished, now, so I want to share with you some photos with this daily street fighter car. First of all I want to share some dimensional data. I was amazed to see how small is the real car! The wheelbase measures 2,305 mm. For having an idea, the VW's Golf Mk I has 2,400 mm. The height of the car is 1,283 mm which means several centimetres more than the wrist of an 1,800 mm tall guy. The width of the car is 1,626 mm (2 centimetres wider than the Golf's Mk I - 1,600mm).
The ZG version has a specific nose which was sold only inside Japan, more aerodynamic than normal Z nose. Outside Japan, the dealers sold the "G" front-end as optional modification kit. It was known as "G-nose". It's not necessary to pass in review all the modifications I made, just enjoy the ride! Just you have to know that the work takes two month of dayly work (2 hours - average - a day)

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