March 15, 2015

TV 12 F | old van

Little weathered models.
They gives me the opportunity to be creative in an other way than tuning.
This time a conversion from a regular wheel base to a long wheel base. The car is called TV 12F. In the photos below you can compare the finished model with the base who served me for this work.
Rocar (also T.V. or Autobuzul) was a van, bus and trolleybus manufacturer based in Bucharest, Romania. The company was created in 1951, and the first production lines were made for rolling-stock equipment and agricultural machines. (Rocar. (2015, February 16). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 15:32, March 9, 2015, from

The bus building begins in 1956. The first bus was an “MTD” type, being built since 1955 at the “Vulcan” factory, in Bucharest. The bus was designed on a SR 1o1 truck chassis, and it had an average transportation capacity of 6o passengers.

In 1973 begins the manufacturing of light utility vans, the series TV12, equipped with ARO L 125 engines (80 Bhp) and TV 14 equipped with an Diesel D 127 and ARO L 127 engine, both of them providing  68 Bhp.
The TV light utility vans was exported in some countries as TV TUDOR. They were produced in Portugal (Tagus) and in Italy (TV Ciemme).
But I wrote enough! Enjoy the ride!

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