April 21, 2015

Alpine A11o | berlinetta

In 1962, at the Paris Auto Show, a light little car, based on the platform of Renault 8 was presented. Developed by Jean Rédélé and manufactured at Dieppe, he car has a steel chassis and a fiber-glass body. Total weight was of 625 kilos. The architecture of the car was « all rear », with the engine, gear box and the propulsion train, all in the rear. A big variety of engines has equipped this car, known also as « Berlinetta ». From 956 cmc until 1,8oo cmc delivering a power between 55 hp to 2oo hp those power units brings the “Berlinetta” several times on the podium of the Monte Carlo rally, and not only. It was the most performant rally car in the year of ’71.

The model I present is a 1@18 replica made by Solido. The car comes with a gravel race car stance, which I do not like, at all.
So, first of all : lowering the car. After I have done this, I had some detail work on the interior by carpeting all what need to be carpeted and reproducing little other details.
The chassis I details also, but it can be visible just by comparing with the original one. You have to trust me!
But overall, in my opinion the “wow” of this car is the profile and the stance. I love the delicate aggressiveness of this car.
And trust me, if you cross one in the daily traffic, do not challenge it! The “Berlinetta” can do much more than it shows!
But I wrote enaugh. Please enjoy the ride!

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