July 15, 2016

VIPER | Old School DieCast

Bburago !
I can tell it was the beginning of my collector life. As for many of us! From the beginning (early 1997 I remember my first 1/18th die cast model Alpine A110 KIT) I wasn’t pleased with what Bburago guys gives us. So this was the beginning of what later I’ll call “scale tuning”. At the time it was about some interior repainting, stance and some exterior kits. I remember also my first hard modified diecast, one Maserati 3200 Gt also made by Bburago.
But overall, one of my all-time favorite model remains the reproduction of Dodge Viper, first generation, @1/18. Bburago provides us for a reasonable price what we get today for more than exaggerate amount of money. I mean the engine is separate and fully removable, the longitudinal transmission and the gear box, the same. Rear train, detailed and close to reality. The interior deserve some detailing but as I said, overall, at this price we cannot find something similar on the market.
I go crazy when I see the embossed plastic which everybody calls “engine” compared with what is really en engine in late 90’s. Please take a look at a Viper 1/18 from 2000 made by Bburago.
But till you grab one for looking at, I’ll tease you by showing mine. You have to take in account that the interior is improved as well as the rims.
Enjoy the ride

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