October 10, 2016

Tie | fighter

Tie fighter... Long story short! Everybody saw it once in a life time… at least. And if you’re telling me “No”, than google it and you’ll everything about in just several milliseconds.
What I want to talk about now is this Revell kit. The main issue in my opinion is the scale. We are told that we (will) buy a 1/11o scale kit. That’s what we know when we are in the shop. After unboxing we see that our tiny 1:11o scale kit is huge! But in reality, it is not at all 11oth scale!
Some documentation, measuring and calculating brings me to the conclusion that the kit is around 1:72 scale most than 1:11o. There are no space and time to explain all my logical chain till this conclution. A win would be if you make the same exercise and if we will compare the conclusions.
But, till then, look at my Tie. Enjoy the ride

And several photos without any post processing. But due to the light intensity and the black environement we have the sensation of  BW frames.

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