January 28, 2017

MK I | ratted

Long time no see guys! 
At the beginning of this year I get out and I made some photos to my Mk I VW Golf. This car appears in 1974 and since then the Golf is a legend. Useless to spend time with car’s history. We all knows what das mean VW Golf represents for the automobile history.
Contrary, I’ll describe a little the mods I made to this model. The base is a Solido Model at 1@18 scale. The only openable parts are the doors. As you remarked, lately, the 1@18 models are conceived as 1@43 ones without openable parts and no steering front wheels. So thank you Solido. You didn’t like this! And not for this reason fully recommend this car, but also for its amazing proportions. I get in love with this model… at first sight! And instantly I decided tu rust it all! I dropped down, I putted bmf on bumpers and lateral trims, and I destroyed the interior. On a read door I get off the door trim and I scratch built the inner metal door panel.
But more interesting is to show you what I did than to describe it using countless letters grouped in countless words!
Enjoy the ride! 

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