April 14, 2017

steam punk | bike

Here it is the second vehicle from the fantasy series I begun years ago.
The first one was my Mustang street machine wich has as base a Mustang P51. This time there are a vehicle which is half airplane, half motorcycle. The plane donor is an AModel Yak 51. I do not recommend this kit. It is a modeler’s nightmare. The motorcycle donor is an academy police helicopter which comes with an Pollice Motorbike, also. Combining this tow half vehicles I have been created this antigravitational motorcycle. There are also some scratch built componenets but mainly there are original kit parts.
The paint is a camo inspired by the luftwafe WW II colors and the red stripes are from the AModel Yak kit. The finish is matte.
Enjoy the ride.
Oh, sorry, I forgot to tell that all this is O scale (1|48)

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