July 23, 2017

ГАЗ M24-02 | old stanced wagon

GAZ 24 Volga was produced since 1967 until 1985, having several minor facelifts.
In 1972, the GAZ 24-02, a 4 door station wagon was introduced, fitted with three rows of seats. Not many cars were sold to the private people due to the small amount of production. The station wagon was used specially by state-owned shops, taxi companies or other state institutions.
The GAZ 24-02 has a generous interior, as told before, having 3 rows of seats and accommodating 7 or 8 seating passengers. Rear area of the interior could be converted in an spacious one level charging surface. This is why Volga 24-02 have heavy-duty leaf springs for the rear axle. Some sources mentioned that could be transported a load of 400kg.
Later on, in 1973 appears the GAZ 24-03, a wagon designated to be and equipped as Ambulance.
My model is 1@43rd scale reproduction of an 24-02 sold by DeAgostini in Poland. Originally painted in dark violet it was a need to change this unusual color. So I mad it black, I weathered a little and I accessorize it giving the look of an uncared old Russian car. Normally the stance was modified because you know my opinion: the stance is everything.
But enough talking, enjoy the ride!

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