February 24, 2019

duesenberg | model J

Duesenberg Model J is a luxury automobile produced until 1937. It was introduced in December 1st 1928 at the New York Car Show, a year before the Great Depression. In Europe it was launched a year later at the "Salon d' automobile de Paris".
The engine of the Model J is based on the  steright 8 race engine, a successful race engine in the '20th.
The model I present has as base the Road Signature 1/18th model. It has full openig doors and hood and two variants of soft top. I display the model full closed.
Unhappily the level of the details of the engine is very poor, so I avoid as much as possible to open the hood. The underbody is also so poor.
L detailed the interior - luxury (carpeted floor, wood texture and so on). But the interior will have his own capter on my blog.
Paint scheme is dual cowl seep panel in black and grey. Let's see what happened.

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