April 12, 2020

Lock-down Works | Ford T | easy restoration part 3

Hello friend of modelling. Staying at home has a lot of advantages. First of all gives you the opportunity to be close to your loved persons and, in the same time, generates a lot of free time. Use this context to feed your soul. For me is a welcomed time for modeling. Far away from daily needs, obliged to stay home, I find a lot of free time for my models. Satisfaction guaranteed!
So, I am happy to present you the first model I finished two weeks ago, just one week after restrictions imposed by the government. I am also happy to let you know that there are several models in work and several models ready for inspection.
But let’s go back to our T Model presented in the two previous post. A lot of details done, an imperfect paint and as the result, one of the most beautiful model I ever done. I love so much this tiny black bug. The look I archived on this model is an daily use classic car : a little bit of rust here and there, shiny black paint and some dirty under-body. I’ll let you see what I mean. Enjoy the ride!

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