February 19, 2013

cayenne | emirates

The Porsche Cayenne (Type 955) produced by Maisto has the aerodynamic kit which equiped the limited edition “Cayenne Porsche Design Edition”. This made me to turn the ordinary model into a big white luxury powerful car. The transformation was made in the same time with other complex work I had in progress. In fact it consists in a transformation of a Porsche Cayenne from Maisto 1/18th scale in a pimped car. So I painted it glossy white and the roof I made gloss black, the interior is light brown like leather and the floor I made it also light brown for a classy look. The tail-lights are full red. Some details were added for the interior such as the pillar trims and a lot of switches painted or flat black or silver. The rims are large and wide painted in flat white with Porsche label in the center. The rear disk brakes were replaced with some smaller ones.
Here are some photos of the modified Cayenne:

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  1. Move over!!! foarte tare, e un fel de aitilop