February 10, 2013

scirocco | low wind

Sirocco,or Scirocco, is a Mediterranean wind that comes from the Sahara and reaches hurricane speeds in North Africa and Southern Europe. The Sirocco causes dusty dry conditions along the northern coast of Africa, storms in the Mediterranean Sea, and cool wet weather in Europe. The Sirocco's duration may be as short as half a day or may last several days. (source Wikipedia).

1/18th Revell's Scirocco
The Volkswagen Scirocco was produced between 1974 and 1992 in two generations and the third generation was re-launched in August 2oo8.
The works of the first generation (Typ 53) begun in 197o. The platform of the Golf and Jetta was used also on Scirocco. In spite of this many parts of the new car were reengineered to be sportier. Also the design (Giorgetto Giugiaro being the author) is sportier than that of either the Golf or Jetta. The first generation get some minor modification during its life but not significant. 
The first variant is reproduced by the German producer Revell in 1/18th scale Die-Cast. There are two original colors made: silver and red. I choose mine silver because of the sticker on the rear left window.
As modifications I made something decent: suspension, steel deep dish rims, exhaust and some others details which made it “kultstyle-ish”!

The sticker on the side window indicates the site www.ig53.de  - an site dedicated to the Rocco - and it spcifies "Scirocco original" as we can read on the banner of the site. 
The second generation of Scirocco at 1/18th scale is made by OTTO models (a resin model with sealed body) and the last generation is produced by Norev, also in 1/18th scale.  

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