July 20, 2013

audi | rat

This is the last completed kit.
In the same time, the first Rat’z style car in my collection. It is a plastic kit made by Fujimi @1/24th
Briefly, my intention wasn't to make such a car, but the paint that made a bad reaction with the plastic made me think about to let it as it was.  So, a Kult turned into a Rat. Mainly, rat style means some poor exterior and interior finishing in the same time with a powerful engine and a lowered suspension. The idea comes from States where Rat Rods are often met in the Hot Rod meeting and shows.
So some weathering details and some body panels from another 90 were simulated to get a uniform style.
For the interior all the details are from scratch or found in my spare part box (and weathered also).
As you see, the sun-shield is a gift from a Chevy spare parts supplier.

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