August 23, 2013

BelAir | '62 | Low

The history of Lowriding started in the late 40's due predominantly to the White American Hot Rod culture. When heating or cutting the coils of your suspension, you could easily lower your vehicle to desired heights. These rides where sometimes call sleds. They sported 15” DIA. wheels with large white walls.
A low rider can have a restored exterior paint or an expensive one, consisting in several thin layers of transparent paint with metallic flakes or other kind of glitering particles. Also in LowRiding culture we can find son amazing paint jobs consisting in real paintings on the principal body panels (hoods, door panels and so on). The customization go further till the engine look, or even till the replacement of some serial components with aftermarket more performing ones. A must have in our days is the hydraulic suspension who gives a minimal ground clearance for having a better look (sometimes the look is spectacular).
Trying to reproduce such a car at 1@18th I chose a mythic base for LowRidding concept: Chevrolet BelAir 1962. The model is basically made by Maisto and it can be used very well as a base for the modifications. The paintings are some decals from a Revell truck at 1@24th. All the rest is custom paint.

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