April 28, 2014

panamera | dodg(e)y style

Several years ago, if somebody told me there are a four doors luxury front engine sedan called Panamera and made by Porsche, I would look him as being a good humour person.
But if we remember the year 1988 when Porsche presented the 989 concept, I would think twice.
Now, in 2014 the Panamera has its celebrity and its place in the automotive history.
There are several model makers who made it at 1|18 as well as 1|24.
One of the most affordable is made by Maisto at 1|18th scale.
Mine has suffered some modifications (as I use to do) and he has now a look of real VIP car.
-23 inch Dodge rims
-some minor details
-beige/brown leather simulated interior
-full carpeted interior
-pillars, doors trims and roof cover simulated in brown leather
-dash board covered in the same “brown leather”
-navigation system and gadgets simulated
-minor details

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