May 03, 2014

964 | hot chocolate

Hi friends,
a little 964 model @ 1|24 bought from the beginning to be changed and stealing its wheels is finally finished!
The story is too long and has really been a challenge for me because I have to redo the paint 4 times due to various reasons! The worst experience about painting models I ever had in my life.
But finally I finished this model and satisfaction is really high.
Shortly describing the modifications :
- widening wheel arches with 2mm on each side
-wide side skirts
-front rubber blade
-front bumper air intake
-smoked front turn lights
-removal of the centre of tail-lights and its replacement with an air exhaust grille
-shaved rear skirt
-shaving of the exterior rear view mirrors and replacement with a little retro side driver
-shaving of wing turn lights
-German registration (from an Ferrari 328 GTB Hasegawa kit)
-shaving of a fuel door wing
Mechanical / wheel trains
-Speedline wheels ( for Tamiya )
-front road tires and rear slicks
-"black washing" and engine painting for a more realistic look.
-brown leather straps
-steering wheel with controls

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