July 23, 2015

the air-plane | machine

In February 2o15 I finished another Science Fiction project.
It has been long time since I have such a project in my mind. I saw somewhere on the net a “thing” like this. Instantly I knew that I’ll make something like this, one day. And the day  when I bought a Mustang P51 1:48th scale made by ICM, arrived.
Not a very accurate reproduction for a good aircraft model, but good enough for my project.
What we are talking about…finally? I call it “the air-plane machine”. It is a wheeled vehicle, made by modifying an… air-plane.
I have imagined this as a land speed record car.
I tried to imagine a mechanical system to get the movement from the propeller shaft to the differential of the front axle.
The most of parts used are from my spare part box. In the photo below you can see, for example, what I used for completing the front end:
But let’s start from the beginning. First of all, the concept studied in several sketches for finding the perfect proportions of the future car:
Second: rear wheel mounting system
The Model Kit made by ICM, is reasonably good made, some spicy details are figurate in the cockpit. Some paint and some dry brushing made the details to get out, for the pleasure of the viewer:
Broken wings, but this time with a positive meaning
Painting the cammo:
And the finished model:
Soon, I hope, some outdoor photo session is scheduled for completing the presentation.
I’ll keep you informed!

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