August 10, 2015

Q7 | pimped-out

The Q7 (internally designated Typ 4L) utilizes a modified version of the PL71 platform. The Q7 is designed more for on-road use than for off-road use where a specialized transmission - having transfer case - is needed. Development began in 2002 under the code AU 716, primarily focused on the Pikes Peak Concept. Design work was frozen for the Concept in July 2002, for presentation at the NAIAS 2003. The production design was frozen in late 2003, for a late 2005 start of production. Prototypes went into testing in December 2004, with development concluding in mid-2005. (Audi Q7, (last visited Aug. 8, 2015).)
Several years ago, when I discovered the 1/24th scale Welly models, I felled in love with this big car: Audi Q7! I bought it instantly and I put it on the work bench. The treatment: California Look, so this means a flashy paint-job, big chromed rims and light colour leather for the interior.
The result you can see below:

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